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Return Policy

Ready Wireless Online Return Policies:

(Applicable to Mojo Wireless, Ready Mobile PCS and Ready Broadband Products)


  • Equipment may be returned for credit to the retail store where the equipment was originally purchased. Some retail stores may not accept returns; see individual store policy. If the store does not accept returns, you may return your equipment to Ready Wireless according to the policy listed below.
  • Equipment may also be returned for a maximum refund of the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price listed on the Ready Wireless Purchase Order. Refunds will be mailed within 30 calendar days from the date Ready Wireless receives acceptable equipment. Customer should call the Ready Wireless Customer Service Number at 1-800-516-0414 to receive a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) Number and shipping instructions prior to returning the phone.
  • Customer may return the equipment up to 30 days from the date product is shipped for a full refund of the equipment's Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price. Phones are not returnable after 10 minutes of use. Broadband cards are not returnable after 5 Megabytes of use.
  • All components, including equipment and accessories, must be returned in acceptable condition to receive a refund.
  • Equipment that has been modified causing it to fail or has physical or water damage will not be acceptable for a return.
  • You cannot receive a refund for Airtime Minutes that have been loaded onto your Ready Mobile handset or Megabytes of Data that have been loaded onto your Ready Mobile Broadband Card. Please use the Activation Card to ensure your satisfaction with the phone and or broadband card before loading additional Airtime Minutes and or Megabytes of Data. (You may transfer minutes to a different handset in the event of an exchange.)
  • The original sales receipt must accompany all returns or exchanges.


  • We accept payments using a debit or a credit card
  • Ready Wireless will verify the availability of payment funds within 72 hours. Your order will be processed once fund verification is confirmed.
  • An invoice will be emailed to you after the completion of the online transaction detailing the quantity of items charged and the amount debited to your debit or credit account.


  • Consumer Customer Service Number: 1-800-516-0414
  • Ready Mobile Broadband Card Customer Service / Return Number: 1-800-593-2207

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